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Quick Spanish Omelette – Perfect for breakfast!

The innovations of our Spanish omelette

Similar taste divided by less time = superior recipe, no arguments there. We halved the cooking time of the potatoes by grating them. It’s not traditional – but it’s very practical.

If you don’t have a suitable grater, you can also just cut the potatoes into thin slices instead (and fry them for fifteen minutes instead of seven), no worries.

With regards to peeling the potatoes, that’s totally up to you! We usually leave the peel off them. Check out our vegan potato soup recipe where we discuss the topic of peeling in more depth.

Tips and tricks when making a Spanish Omelette
Flipping the omelette: Check out this video by Spaniard Omar Allibhoy on how to flip Spanish omelettes properly. It is a bit tricky, but he handles it like a boss.

By the way, his version of the Spanish omelette is what you would call traditional. Why? Well, one reason is he doesn’t skimp on the olive oil – fuck me, the Spanish love their olive oil, people!

Also, Omar “Oliveoilbhoy” takes his time for each step. Our Spanish omelette is definitely more practical and less time-consuming than the one mentioned above.

Cooking the omelette: The egg-potato-onion mix needs 5 minutes in the pan on low heat to get it firm on the outside – making it possible to flip yet keeping the inside nice and moist.

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Then it needs another 5 minutes until finished. Low heat is very important here otherwise the Spanish omelette will lose it’s moisture.

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